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Chapter 1

Click on "Lungs" to find out more about breathing 

the six pollutants to view its source and effects on our health 

Chapter 2

animation of blood flowing through the heart

Science Articles >Life Science >How Blood Works 

movement of water and dissolved mineral salts in a plant 

Chapter 3

II ORGANS of EXCRETION for HUMANS (urinary system, lungs and sweat glands of the skin) 

urinary system of humans 

Kidneys and Urinary Tract 

Understanding hemodialysis 

the ways in which plants get rid of their waste products 

Chapter 4

asexual reproduction in plants and animals 

examples of plants that reproduce asexually 

the sexual reproduction 

the production of ovum 

The structure of the sperm and egg 

menstruation and the menstrual cycle 

the causes of sterility in males and females 

the latest ways to overcome sterility 

information about vasectomy 

flowering plants 

the fertilisation process in plants 

vegetative parts, e.g. runner, rhizome, tuber and bulb 

Chapter 5

Go to www.google.com . Type in words "human growth” 

Go to www.google.com . Type in words "nutrition, mental and physical development" 

Chapter 6

the properties of calcite or calcium carbonate and its related compounds 

Go to www.petrosains.com.my . Click "Science & Technology" to learn about Sci & Tech of Petroleum: The Story of Oil 

Chapter 7

See the whole shocking story!" to learn more about lightning 

the relationship between voltage, current and resistance (Ohm's Law) 

Electrical circuits, Series and parallel circuits 

electromagnetism and the experiments on electromagnetism 

View a description on How Electromagnet Works 

Chapter 8

the ways for conserving electrical energy 


basic principles, invention, uses and circuit symbols of transformers 

the most common electric wiring designs 

how to wire a plug 

electricity prices 


information about the earth wire 

basic safety precautions when working with electrical energy 

Chapter 9

the Sun, photosphere, chromosphere, corona, sunspots, prominence and solar flares 

the photospheric features of the Sun 

the generation of energy by the Sun 

the Milky Way galaxy 

the Universe 

Chapter 10

ancient astronomy and the developments in modern astronomy 

the Malaysian first microsatellite (TiungSAT-1) 

the organisation, programmes and activities of the Malaysian Centre for Remote Sensing (MACRES)

probe - learn about its mission 

the images of planets and spacecrafts 

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