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Topic 1 The World through Our Senses

pathway of stimulus and the types of receptors 

Structure and the function of the skin 

More about structure and the function of the skin 

Structure and the function of the skin 

Detailed structure of the nose 

Senses of smell 

Structure and the function of the tongue 

Senses of taste 

Sense of taste rely on sense of smell 

Animation of the ear 

Mechanisme of hearing 

The function of different parts of the ear 

Eye anatomy Eye anatomy 2 

More about our eyes 

Structure of eyes 

Field of vision and the corrective lenses 

Animation on the field of vision 

Blind spot 

Long sightedness 

Short sightedness 

Eye of animals 


Hearing loss 

Properties of sound 

Hearing loss and the device used to overcome it 

Plant tropism 

Stimuli that causes response in plants 

Topic 2 Nutrition

Different classes of food and their examples 

Food pyramid 

Healthy eating plan 

Digestion process 

The Stomach 

The digestive tract 

Detail on the digestive system 

The process of digestion 

Importance of nutrition 

Topic 3 Biodiversity

Diversity of life 

Diversity in many parts of the world 

More about diversity 

Classification of animals and plants 

Topic 4 Interdependence Among Living Organisms and The Environment

The importance of a balanced ecosystem 

Habitat, populatin and community in ecosystem 

Type of symbiotic relationship 

Interaction between living organism

habitat, consumer and producer 

Food chain 


Carbon cycle 

Endangered species 

Doing our part in conservation 

Acid rain 

Environmental issues 

Greenhouse effect 

Topic 5

Physical properties of water 

Effect on Impurities 

solution and suspension 


Water as universal solvent 

Topic 6

Simple explanation on air pressure 

explanation and interactive activities on air pressure 

Topic 7

The meaning of force 

Meaning of force and frictional force 

Gravitational force 

frictional force 

Meaning for power and calculation 

Topic 8

Support system of animals 

Types of skeletons 

Explanation on tendrill 

Types of roots 

Diagram on tendrils and thorns 

Topic 9


Center of gravity 

Topic 10

Classification of lever

Interactive activity on lever 

First, second and third class lever 

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